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We have an apartment in Spain. Rather than the expense of hiring a car each visit, we intend to take our UK car out to use for the four visits (each of one month) that we shall make during the year.

We shall leave it locked up in a garage in Spain between times. We are insured by a UK company as long as the car is 'legal in the EU country in which it is being used'.

EU law seems to say that the car should be re-registered in a new EU country after 185 days. Is this 185 day a continuous period from the original importation or is it a total of days of usage within the country? If it is the continuous period, could we consider crossing to Portugal or Gibraltar for a holiday mid-term, and thereby start a new 185 period?

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Yes, the car has to be tested and re-registered to your Spanish property. Also check with your assessor whether or not you can keep a car in Spain if you are not resident there for taxation on your entire world wide income.
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