Saab 93 off the road due to coil spring on back order

My Saab 9-3 went in for a service two weeks ago and was diagnosed with a broken coil spring. To begin with I was delighted with Saabs response that they would cover 100% of the cost due to the age and low mileage of the car.

I have since discovered that the fault is a known issue and would appear that there was a product recall on all American 9-3's. I have also seen similar posts on this site.

My issue now is that due to the financial issues Saab are currently experiencing there is a back order for many parts (including the coil spring I require).

Saab will not commit to a date to which they will return the car, or even provide an indication as to when the required part might become available. They have declared the car un-safe to drive and will not provide me with a replacement vehicle (due to the car being out of warranty).

I have asked them to look into using Hirsch springs as an alternative which they have so far been unwilling to do; or confirm if the parts are even available. They might be willing to pay for the 'manufacturers cost' (not retail) of the front spings but I would have to pick up the cost of the rear. So I would be paying circa 70% of the total cost.

I've been without transport now for two weeks and would welcome any advice you have in regards what consumer rights I have - if any? I require a car for work so this is becoming an increasingly more difficult problem. With no end date in sight it's very hard to know what I can do?

Asked on 8 June 2011 by PaulMWilson

Answered by Honest John
It's common on all Epsilon floorpan cars (Vectras, Signums and SAAB 9-3s). But it's also common on most other European built makes and models, though not as common as it is on Epsilons.
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