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Any detailed analysis on 2002 Corsa Comfort C front coil spring breakage? My N/S front has just failed, done less than 25k. I’m very surprised to see the number of posts/ issues on the web. I'm awaiting repair so not seen the location of break and nature of break yet. There are rubber speed humps near our house. However no one I know has expected springs to break - I traverse them at 15 mph or less. Rest of mileage is all on motorway + good surface roads (not cross country or potholes).

Asked on 14 November 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Standard problem with European manufactured coil springs in all makes and models from Citroens to Mercedes. The springs are not properly wound or tapered at the ends to spread loads, nor are they seated properly, nor are they adequately protected from corrosion. So when corrosion starts to attack the bases of the springs they become
vulnerable at the weakest point and are usually finished off by a speed hump that sets up a stress fracture that usually snaps the spring first thing in the morning when it is at its coldest.
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