Stiff suspension

I have a 51 plate C240 Mercedes, with 73k miles on the clock.

It has had the front and rear shock absorbers replaced as well as the front bushes.

It has 17 inch wheels. Over normal road conditions the suspension is fine, but over broken or rutted surfaces it 'crashes' and sometimes 'bonks'. It's the same on both front wheels. It does this to such an extent that even going over a normal 'cats eye' in the middle of the road causes shudders to reverberate through the body of the car and steering column.

Could you suggest what might be causing this and where I might go for specialist support in Essex?

Asked on 5 June 2011 by Choirboy2011

Answered by Honest John
Combination of the fairly low profile tyres (I guess 45s) and wear in the bushings of the front suspension. You need to seek out an independent MD specialist. have a look here:
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