Battery draining

I have a 2006 Volvo XC70 D5 SE with the safety package which included the built in phone and the Volvo "on call" system.

The car was in fabulous condition and had only about 29,000 miles on the clock, It was covered by a Volvo warranty and I purchased 2 years additional warranty.

Within one week of purchase the car refused to start and the battery was flat. It was recharged several times but on each occasion within 7-10 days the battery was flat again. Doves tested the battery and the charging system and concluded that the alternator was not producing enough current and it was replaced.

However, the fault persisted and again after about 10 days the battery was flat again. Doves took the car in and kept it for a week during which time they detected a drain on the battery when the ignition was turned off. This they traced to the mobile phone module(probably the "on call" system which is live when the ignition is off) and after much discussion the mobile phone module was replaced under the warranty and Doves stated that they could not now find any current drain. I picked up the car and it seemed to be OK. However, yesterday again after about a week it was difficult to start and today the battery is flat again and it won't start.

I have informed Doves and they are going to take the car in to try to trace the fault. I'm beginning to loose faith. I don't think they will solve the problem.

Asked on 2 June 2011 by theoldfella

Answered by Honest John
I thought mobile phone. Are you locking the car when you leave it? If you don't the Bluetooth system will persistently try to pair with your phone and will run the battery down.
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