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I purchased a Ford Ka for £1275 on the 2nd of March 2011.

On the test drive it seemed fine, but after driving it a few miles I noticed the brakes were soft & the car pulled to the right, especially at high speeds. I got the alignment fixed but the garage (not dealer) then mentioned that all the brakes needed replacing (at a high price). I took the car back to the dealer as the car had been MOT'd before completing the purchase. He assured me the brakes had been done and offered to take the car back to the garage to be checked. The garage gave a report saying that there were no problems.

I was not convinced so took the car to an independent mechanic who has highlighted that there are substantial problems with the brake hoses and their fittings but also that the clutch is about to expire and the corrosion that was supposed to have been done to pass the MOT is a patched job and is already deteriorating.

I have thought about contacting VOSA as I dont believe the MOT has been done properly but what are my remedies for tackling the dealer about the obvious problems with the car?

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Cheap car. My view is that at this age and price level you can expect a car to be a heap of junk. But a small claims court judge may rule in your favour if you take the matter there, starting with Tell the dealer this is what you propose to do and to save himself the hassle he may well simply give you your money back.
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