Bought a car with outstanding finance

I purchased a car off eBay recently from a private seller with good feedback. I asked the seller via email if it was HPI clear and he replied yes, HPI is ALL FINE.

I also did a basic HPI check which revealed the car wasn't an insurance write off or stolen etc. It's the basic check for £4.95 from car data which doesnt say if it has finance, but having asked the seller if it was HPI clear I took his word for it, also in the receipt it says HPI clear.

Anyway, collected the car, took a receipt too. Now before I was about to sleep I thought I would double check the finance, turns out it has HPI finance against it, taken out last year when he took ownership of the vehicle.

Where do I stand with this? Can the finance company take the car from me without my consent? Shall I call the finance company? Can I appeal to the finance company that I purchased the car unknowingly, showing evidence via eBay email off him stating HPI is ALL FINE and HPI clear written on the receipt?

Where do I stand legally? Whats the worst case scenario and best case?

I have contacted the seller to no avail so far.

I am really worried. I bought the car with my last bit of money and need it for work.

Asked on 18 April 2011 by ASARK

Answered by Honest John
Unless you paid HPI for a full HPI check and conform to HPIs guidelines you have no comeback against HPI. Yes, the finance company can snatch the car back from you. Yes the vendor has acted illegally and fraudulently. Take the matter to the police. They will say it is a civil matter. You must counter, "no it isn't. It is criminal fraud."
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