Can my wife drive while waiting for a licence renewal?

My wife's 70+ licence (she's had a licence for 50+ years) needs its 3 yearly renewal. She received no reminders, so applied online. The system said it couldn't identify her. So she phoned DVLC who (after a very long wait) said that her photo needed renewing - not sure why as her passport pic is valid. She's had to fill in an application in pen and ink, send a new photo, and a postal order (really !) for £18. She posted everything off, and enclosed her 'old' licence, signature required. It's been received OK. The new licence may take some time to arrive, we understand - what happens if she has to produce a driving licence in the meantime ?
And is there any way we can expedite delivery ? FYI we thought we'd use the Post Office assisted service, but they won't touch any 70+ stuff.

Asked on 8 July 2024 by

Answered by David Ross
It is legal to drive while your licence is with the DVLA as long as you meet all the relevant criteria, which you can see on the DVLA's website here:
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