Are EV chargers checked for accuracy like fuel pumps?

Petrol pumps are checked for accuracy. Who checks EV chargers and where is the accreditation?

Asked on 18 June 2024 by Truediamond

Answered by David Ross
The introduction of public charging points on a global scale means that at present there is not a globally recognised callibration standard, but calibration is currently implemented on a national basis. In the UK this is currently enforced through the Measuring Instruments Regulation, but this is a more general piece of legislation which does not specifically tackle public charge points. However, the UK government are making strides to protect consumers, having introduced the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 and the Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 is in the process of progressing through Parliament, although of course this has been delayed due to the General Election.

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