Petrol or diesel?

An answer you posted recently pointed out multiple drawbacks to diesel ownership from the fourth year onwards, on a car under a 3 year lease.

If I buy a new diesel car, will the maufacturers warranty take care of all the problems, diesel particulate filter, dual mass flywheel, etc. for the first thee years?

Also, despite the problems, according to What Car? figures it is still cheaper over 3 years to buy a 1.6 diesel than a 1.4 TSI. Does this tip the balance back towards a diesel cost-wise?

Asked on 2 April 2011 by cascade

Answered by Honest John
The warranty will cover everything but the clutch and a stuffed dual mass flywheel from too many short runs from cold starts. It's after 3 years you have to start to worry. DPFs typically need replacing at 4 years at a cost of £800 - £1,200.
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