Carbon build up on a VW Golf 1.2 TSI 105

I do very low mileage (5,000 miles per year) and I was advised against getting a diesel due to DPF and DMF problems.

But when checking out a VW Golf 1.2 TSI 105 some people wondered do these cars have a carbon buildup like the old VW petrol engines? People were saying even with a petrol if one does low miles there is a carbon problem. Is this true?

Asked on 5 January 2011 by paultf

Answered by Honest John
Less of a problem than with a diesel. The 1.2 TSI should be very efficient but I'm getting reports of heavy oil consumption so the jury is still out.
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Comfortable and quiet on the move, enjoyable to drive. Nicely trimmed with great attention to detail. 1.4 TSI sweeter to drive than a diesel.


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