Are Cat N cars more expensive to insure?

I have found some interesting cars for sale at a fairly local used car place. The cars seem good but he deals only in cat N cars, which he does body work himself and takes them to a local place for mechanical repairs/MOTs. They are all small cheap to run, low mileage etc. I am interested in a Ford B-Max (17 reg, 20kmiles, £6500) or a Skoda Citigo (16 reg,40Kmiles, £5250) he has for sale.

I have read it wont make a difference to insurance if cars are N cat because they're value is so much lower than equivalent non 'N cat' cars on market. Do you agree? I have tried to get quotes but I'm not sure how I can tell the insurers it is N cat, there are no questions pertaining to these categories in the details they ask you for quotes. Can they tell from the registration of the car if it is category N or whatever?

Asked on 8 February 2024 by Karen Jane Hillyer

Answered by David Ross
The insurance cost for a category N car will vary between insurers, as some will charge more while for others it will make no difference. If the online forms provided be insurers do not allow you to add that the car is category N, we would suggest calling directly for a quote or using price comparison sites which usually offer this factility, as well as allowing you to compare the cost for several insurers at a time.

It is crucial that you inform the insurers that the car is category N as generally speaking they will not check this information automatically, and if they are not made aware it could invalidate your policy.
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