How does my protected no claims work?

I recently was involved in an accident (at fault but no other parties involved). I've tried to understand how the NCD works but is confusing from the same insurer.

So, my policy documents state: Protected no claim discount - maximum number of claims allowed - 2 claims in 3 years. But the same document goes on to show a table:
1 claim in next 12months - keeps NCD in same place
2 claims in next 12months - keeps NCD in same place
3 claims in next 12months - reduced NCD to 3 years.

I am not sure why the discrepancy of stating you can have 2 claims in 3 years but then goes on to state 12months?

Further, what happens if I move insurers next year - does this reset as you are with a new insurer, so 'allowed' 2 further claims in 3 years (or 12months)?

Asked on 17 November 2023 by Raj

Answered by David Ross
The conditions state that the maximum number of claims in three years is two, but you could have two claims within 12 months and as long as you had no further claims in the remaining two years of the three year period your discount would remain in place.

If you chance insurer they may or may not have a similar policy in place, and if they do operate in a similar way it is unlikely they will carry over anything from your previous insurer.
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