My Citroen C1 makes a beeping sound when travelling uphill or when cold, what could it be?

I have an automatic Citroen C1. I am getting a beeping sound particularly when the car is cold and/or going up hill. There is no warning sign. It's not seat belts. There is nothing to explain it in the manual. Any ideas?

Asked on 27 September 2023 by David Cheadle

Answered by David Ross
If you have eliminated the possibility that it is a faulty seatbelt sensor, it may be that the clutch in your automatic is worn and the beeping is alerting you to the problem. This would account for experiencing the beeping when travelling uphill when the clutch is under greater load.

We would suggest taking it to an independent Citroen specialist who can diagnose the fault and offer a competitively priced repair.
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