Can I drive while waiting for a medical decision from the DVLA?

I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in November, which was then corrected as I do not have it. But consultant now says I am dealing with focal awareness seizures which do not affect my driving ability and have informed the DVLA.

Can I now drive?

Asked on 28 June 2023 by KEN M

Answered by David Ross
If you have notified the DVLA of your medical condition and they have written to you to say that it does not affect your driving, then you are legal to drive.

However, if you have not yet received a response, the DVLA has specific guidance on driving while waiting for a medical decision, which you can read here:

In short the guidance says that you must meet all the following criteria: a doctor or healthcare professional must not have told you you are unfit to drive, you have held a valid driving licence and must only drive vehicles in categories you were previously entitled to drive, you meet any conditions specified on your previous licence, you are not currently disqualified and you were not disqualified as a high risk offender after June 1st 2013.
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