Can an MoT advisory be challenged?

My car has just passed its MoT but with an advisory to monitor/repair a 'slightly distorted' road wheel. Although it's only an advisory, it's still quite a blight on my car should I wish to sell it this year.

Obviously, if it's a saftey issue I'll have the repair done, but the garage can't or won't demonstrate the problem to me, saying it's a self-populating drop down box on the VT20 pass document.

Can I insist that they prove the advisory is correct, or ask them to remove it from the VT20 if it can't be demonstrated. Or perhaps request that they re-test it, and remove the incorrect advisory? If not can I lodge a complaint with the DVSA?

Asked on 17 May 2023 by martin tonbridge

Answered by David Ross
Generally speaking you can only challenge an MoT on the grounds that it has failed when you think it should have passed, and vice versa. Although the MoT testing guidelines are strictly laid down there will always be room for interpretation between tests, testers and locations. Conceivably you could have the car retested on another day or elsewhere and it would not receive an advisory.

If you are not challenging the pass or fail nature of the MoT then it is at the discretion of the location as to whether they will demonstrate the issue to you. While a completely clean MoT certificate is preferable, you have to decide whether the cost of repairing the wheel and another MoT is worth any potential loss in value when selling a car with a single advisory.
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