I bought a used car which I have now discovered has over 20 MoT advisories, can I reject it?

I purchased a car on Friday and was assured that it had good history. The car only cost £1750 but when i got home i felt the need to do some searching and went on MoT checker. There where over 20 advisories which means that in 6 months when mot runs out if the car lasts that long that the car would not be worth selling.

The sales person seemed okay but now i am not so sure. Do i have the right to reject the car and get my money back?

Asked on 8 August 2023 by River Brooks

Answered by David Ross
The issue here is that the term 'good history' does not specifically reference the car's MoT history. It may have a good service record, which could be argued is a good history. MOT advisories are undesirable, but it is also true that a vehicle can have MoT advisories for many years and still pass an MoT test first time.

Unless the dealer made specific reference to there being no MoT advisories and you can demonstrate this, it would be difficult to argue that the car was not as described. It is also the case that the MoT history of a vehicle is publicly available, so the emphasis is on the buyer to check the history of a vehicle rather than the dealer to disclose information that is already available.
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