I bought a used car with old tyres and a faulty clutch, what are my rights?

I bought my Volkswagen Touran from a used car dealer, only to discover that the rear brakes are 75 per cent worn, the rear discs are scored, the clutch pedal sticks down to the floor, one tyre is 15 years old and another tyre is 20 years old. The garage refused to rectify the above jobs, what are my options please? I personally don’t want to drive a vehicle with 20 year old tyres and a clutch pedal sticking to the floor.

Asked on 23 May 2022 by Ian Davies

Answered by Dan Powell
Tell the dealer you want the problems fixed or you'll reject the car and demand a full refund as per the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.

The faulty clutch is a clear fault and the 2015 Consumer Rights Act gives you the right to reject the vehicle within the first 30 days if any such fault is found: www.honestjohn.co.uk/how-to-reject-a-car-your-cons.../
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