Is a catalytic converter covered under warranty?

Does a new car warranty cover the cat? I have an MG ZS which is 18 months old and has done 3,000 miles. It was bought new. I have been told by the MG agent the cat needs replacing at a cost to me of £1,200! They said it's a consumable like tyres or an oil filter.

Asked on 12 May 2022 by redwing

Answered by Dan Powell
The answer to this question will very much depend on the cause of the failure.

If the catalytic converter has clogged up because the car has been used for lots of short journeys that have prevented it from reaching the required operating temperature then I would say no, it's not a warranty issue. The same would be true if the unit has been damaged in some way by road debris or a kerb.

However, if the catalytic converter has failed due to a manufacturing defect (either with the unit or elsewhere in the car) then I would expect the warranty to cover the repair. A faulty oxygen sensor, for example, could result in the fuel being too rich or lean - both have the potential to wreck a cat converter.
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