Are worn brake pads an MoT failure?

Do they check brake pad thickness during an MoT? Within 100 miles of having an MoT one of my front brake pads disintegrated due to being worn too thin and cost me new discs. Surely this should have been a fail or at least an advisory?

Asked on 31 March 2022 by Richard Arthurs

Answered by Dan Powell
Yes, the MoT tester should inspect the brake pads and fail the car if it is worn down to wear indicator or below 1.5mm.

Some brake pads have metal wear indicators which create a squealing noise when the indicator touches the disc. Other pads have a cut, which if worn away indicates that the pad must be replaced.

If you are unhappy with the MoT test you should complain to the garage in question. And take your complaint to the DVSA if you feel it is not being taken seriously.
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