Water ingress to boot

I purchased this vehicle new from a local dealer just over three years ago.

Over the last 18 months I have returned it to the service department on four occasions, because of large quantities of water entering the boot when it is parked in the rain.

I have just mopped one litre of water from it. Apparent causes have been leaves blocking drainage grills, a kinked drainage tube and a leak around the aerial. Do you have any ideas? If they are unable to fix do I have the right to ask for a replacement vehicle of similar age, specification and condition?

Asked on 17 January 2011 by Paul McCarthy

Answered by Alan Ross
No, after three years you don't have the right to a replacement. I've had no previous reports of these leaks on the RC. Will now add to Car-by-Car breakdown. Kinked or blocked drains or poor seals are the most likely reasons. You could try silicone grease on the seals.
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