Dealer wants to use second hand parts - what are my rights?

A small second hand car dealer is reluctantly offering to replace (or pay the costs of) a replacement failed diesel injector for a recently purchased older (09 plate) Ford Fiesta. They are openly looking up parts from scrap dealers for used parts, not new parts. Are they legally allowed to do this? In my view the part they replace could just as easily fail soon after it is fitted.

Asked on 1 March 2022 by Simon Reavell

Answered by Dan Powell
You are entitled to a repair under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act 2015, but it doesn't say anything about the source of the repair or parts.

If you purchased the car less than 30 days ago you are entitled to reject the car for a full refund. Likewise, if the repair fails to fix the problem and the car fails again you will be entitled to ask for your money back.

For your consumer rights, see:
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