Changing my Motability car - what should I buy?

I’ve extended my Motability contract for my Audi Q2 for up to two years due to the long waiting list for a replacement. However, I was shocked at the vast increase in the initial payment, up from £1,399 to £3,775 for the same model. I have had Audis since 1992 and I am reluctant to change but finances are likely to make me change. I need to have an automatic and would like comfort, reliability, good fuel consumption and good spec. Not much I know. About £2,500 would be my top figure for a replacement.

Asked on 25 January 2022 by Mr. Flostie

Answered by Russell Campbell
You'll get a Toyota CH-R for £2,695. It comes with a CVT automatic, is very reliable, good on fuel and has a strong list of standard equipment. The SEAT Ateca can be yours for less than £2,500 and has all of the above, but doesn't have the same cast-iron reputation for reliability as the Toyota. Reviews on both, here:
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