Should I get a manufacturer extended warranty?

I bought my Renault Trafic Sport from new in 2019, with a three-year business + warranty , meaning they keep me on the road if something was to go wrong. I have been quoted £720 by my local dealer with the need to join RAC or AA for recovery for around another £160 (their quote) for a two-year extension. The van 28,000 miles on the clock. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Asked on 24 January 2022 by Richard

Answered by Dan Powell
I would suggest shopping around. There are lots of independent warranty providers and you may get a cheaper deal or better level of cover with someone else (you can always challenge your local Renault dealer to match the price).

The key bit about an extended warranty, however, is what's listed in the policy exclusions. For example, a warranty product that excludes 'wear and tear' will effectively exclude 90% of the things that will go wrong on a 3+ year old van.
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