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I live in Coventry and my partner lives in Reading. We do 1000 plus miles each month on the M40. Our three current vehicles are: a 1987 V8 Landrover station wagon (LPG) which is great for carrying us, five children and everything else including the kitchen sink; a 2003 Volvo S80 (dual fuel); and a 1999 Honda Accord (2.0 Petrol).

We want to keep the Landy for big family trips but really need some fuel efficiency for all those motorway miles so we are considering replacing the Honda and probably the Volvo (although it is a lovely car and fairly cheap to run on LPG). We don't have any problem with smaller vehicles (although all the children are teenagers so minis won't have enough legroom in the back seats), but Stuart is 6'3" and much of his height is in his back so headroom can be a problem.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Asked on 10 January 2011 by Jiwell

Answered by Honest John
1000 miles a month is only 12,000 miles a year. At £6 a gallon, 30mpg costs you £2,400, 35mpg costs you £2,057, 40mpg costs you £1,800, 45mpg costs you £1,600 and 50mpg costs you £1,440. So going from 30mpg to 50mpg will save you £960 a year, or from 35mpg to 50mpg save you £617. The only way to do that is with a diesel. But likely repair costs for a diesel over its first 6 years are: Dual Mass Flywheel and clutch £1,000 - £1,500, EGR valve £500 - £1,000, Diesel Particulate Filter £500 - £1,000, Turbo £1,000 - £2,000. Do the sums.
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