We need to store our hybrid for a long period - what's your advice?

We have a Toyota Yaris Hybrid and the handbook states that if the car is not driven for a lengthy period, the electric battery will gradually discharge. There appears to be no way round this. We will be away for three months soon and need to leave the car parked up, do you have any suggestions on what we should do?

Asked on 5 November 2021 by Ian Harrison

Answered by Russell Campbell
Unfortunately, it is likely any car's battery will go flat if it is left for a three-month period. The easiest way to get around this is to put the car on a trickle charger, although this is only really possible if you have a drive or garage. Your next option would be to ask someone to drive the car for 30 minutes each month – that'll be enough to keep the battery in good health.

If the battery does go flat, you should be able to jumpstart it like you do any other car, however I'd consult the dealer or the car's handbook in case there's a particular procedure to follow that is unique to the Yaris.

The traction battery is separate to the 12V battery and should have plenty of power left in it when you return from your holiday.

We go into this in more detail, here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/coronavirus/2020-03/how-.../
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