Dealer hasn't fixed damage on used car - can I reject it?

I recently viewed a used Mazda 6 with a price of £7690. I agreed to pay the full asking price. The dealer offered a 12-month MoT, service and six month warranty.

On inspecting the car I noted that the steering wheel was off centre and there was minor damage to the passenger door - both of which the dealer agreed would be repaired prior to delivery. On this basis, I placed a £300 deposit to secure the car.

The dealer completed the order form and gave me a copy. He then asked for my copy back and used Tipp-Ex to change the six-month warranty to one month - he stated that only cars in excess £10,000 qualified for a warranty in excess of one month.

The dealer called me in less than 24 hours to say the car is ready for collection but is being evasive about whether the agreed repairs have been completed. I drove past the dealership on my way from work which was closed, however the car was there and the damaged door has not been repaired.

If I arrive to collect the car and the repairs are not complete should I refuse to accept the car? Would you suggest that I arrange an independent inspection of the car prior to the collection date?

Asked on 12 October 2021 by Gary McGuire

Answered by Dan Powell
A one month warranty on a £7000+ car is ridiculous. I would have asked for my deposit back and walked away the moment the dealer started dabbing Tipp-Ex on the order form.

However, if the agreed work hasn't been carried out, you will be entitled to reject the car and ask for a refund of your deposit. And given the shoddy customer experience from the dealer thus far, this would not be a bad thing.

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