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I thought you might like this correspondence. I went into the Congestion Zone for about three minutes in August in my Prius. I got a £60 fine. I have driven a Prius for several years (just got the new one). I have one because I want to pay as little tax to the shower of idiots who are supposed to be running the county. My choice has nothing to do with the environment. I also need to go to London once a week. Apparently you have to re-register your car every year, even though the criteria for exemption have not changed. This has to be done via post with a form. And all this is supposed to be good for the environment. What frustrates me is not that we have these venal, pointless, dishonest bureaucrats running the country, it is that the populace cannot be bothered to get off its backside to throw them out every four years. To add insult to injury my wife has just received a £60 fine and three points for doing 36 mph on a quiet road at 02.00 am. It is enough to make a sane man take up arms against his oppressors

Asked on 5 December 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Well the populace did rise up and throw Ken Livingstone out. And now, for their trouble, they've got Boris Johnson, running pretty much
the same show, even using the same TfL head of PR as Ken Livingstone, and now facing London Transport strike action.
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