Should I buy a Hyundai i10 without a service history?

I am in the process of buying a 2011 Hyundai i10 which has done 25,000 mileage, one previous owner. The service history looks good but stops at 2016 (which could be ok as the car has not covered many miles from that time to justify a service). The dealer can't tell me when the car was last serviced, either.

Also, when does the cam belt or timing belt have to be replaced on this car? And how can I ensure that the air con is topped up? I tried the air con but it was blowing warm air.

One last thing - why would a dealer increase the car price by £500? The car is now being advertised for £3,400 but was £2900 originally...

Asked on 27 July 2021 by Anne-Marie O'Neill

Answered by Dan Powell
I wouldn't buy a car that hasn't had a basic service in five years. If the car has no paperwork then I would assume the servicing hasn't been done. The lack of history suggests that the car has been neglected by its previous owner and is in a poor mechanical condition.

The 1.2 petrol engine uses a timing chain that is designed to last the life of the car. However, if the oil has not been changed regularly then the chain could be on its last legs. It also reads like the air con is faulty (it should kick in within a minute or two of the engine starting).

The dealer has probably pushed up the price because he/she has had a lot of interest in the car and is looking to make a fast profit. Given the lack of service history and the dodgy pricing, I would suggest that you find another car to buy.
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