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Colonel Blinkered

I have read your column avidly for many years but today's response to D.E. of White of Roding is enough to put me off you for life! This is the sort of response I would expect from 'new' Labour, or even the BBC, that is unless you are one of a minority of freaks who can quote their height and weight in metric units! Why aren't you quoting fuel consumption/acceleration etc in metric if this is what you believe in? The Duke of Wellington would seem to have wasted his time on your behalf!

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You are making a fool of yourself. If you don't appreciate the benefits of metrication you are living in the 19th Century, not even the 20th Century, never mind the 21st Century. We have been in the digital age for 20 years now, as you should know, because you contacted me by e-mail, not by a letter with a penny black stamp. The only curiosity is the universal adoption of tyre diameters in inches yet tyre widths in millimetres.
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