Dealer didn't tell me the car I put a deposit on only came with one key. Can I get a refund?

I recently put a deposit down on a car but, prior to paying the deposit, I asked a few questions relating to the car. One of which was whether the car came with one or two keys. The dealer didn’t answer at first but once the deposit was paid, they informed me that the car only came with one. I then asked if they would be providing a second key, to which they clearly stated no. They said that their advert would state if a car came with two. I thought the ownership is on the dealer to ensure all details about the car are given to the buyer and, if not, then the buyer is entitled to a full refund. Can you confirm if this would be correct?

Asked on 26 April 2021 by Mark Snelling

Answered by Andrew Brady
From a legal point of view, unless you have evidence that the dealer misled you, you have no legal right to a refund of your deposit. We'd recommend speaking to the seller and trying to keep things civil – they're unlikely to want an unhappy customer (a good reputation is worth a lot more than your deposit) and it'd be much easier to issue you a refund. You might be able to negotiate the cost of a second key into the deal or transfer your deposit onto another vehicle that has more than one key.
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