I currently possess a BMW320D auto purchased from new in 2002, now has 86,000 miles and turbo replaced at 73,000. I am concerned other expensive repairs may be needed in future (e.g. autobox, common rail fuel) and am therefore considering replacement. My wife has found the suspension hard and painful on rough roads. We are recently retired and are looking for a replacement in the next 6 months, to keep for a similar time and require reliability. We have in mind a SUV at the comfortable end of specification for more suspension movement and space for dog & bicycle, but I am concerned about the reliability of diesel common rail, and auto boxes. The Honda CRV only has a petrol auto, and Rav4 has CVT petrol and traditional auto with diesel. The Outlander and Qashqai seem far more real 4x4 but with higher fuel consumption and therefore rejected for moment. With the government considering killing off FM radio I would like a DAB radio but only seem available on European SUV which are more expensive at a high spec (Tiguan) Any ideas?

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Answered by Honest John
The CR-V on 16" or 17" wheels is the most comfortable, but no diesel auto yet. (There might be soon, using the Accord diesel autobox.) The Qashqai diesel auto can do 40+ mpg (it did when we were driving it), but make sure you order it on 15" or 16" wheels as the ride deteriorates badly on 17" and 18”. The RAV-4 petrol CVT is lower CO2 and more economical than the RAV-4 diesel with torque converter auto, so it’s better as long as you don't need to tow. DAB radios are often optional these days, but you can buy a DAB converter for £70 from
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