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Motor cycled combination

I am shortly going to be looking to buy a used estate, 4x4 or people carrier for circa £15,000-£20,000. We have one child, which will soon probably be two, and a dog. I will be doing circa 15,000 miles per annum and so am looking for a combination of space, reliability and economy in terms of fuel. Could you let me know what your recommendations might be for these criteria. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in anticipation of your help.

Asked on 20 March 2010 by R.N., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Sensibly, the vehicle with the best fuel economy. And that seems to be the new Hyundai ix35 2.0 litre diesel. But there is no denying that the Freelander II 2.2 diesel White and Black editions at £19,500 are bargains at the sort of money Ford now asks for a Focus ECOnetic.
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