The driver side brake light is out but it still passed the MOT test. Is this normal?

My partner took his car for an MoT and FULL service at a very well known garage yesterday. It failed on a couple of things, but no mention of the driver brake light being out. It hasn't been fixed either. Is this the norm or have they not done their job properly? Thanks.

Asked on 31 March 2021 by Katie Newson

Answered by Dan Powell
A car will only fail the test if more than half of its stop lights are not functioning. Anything less than half should produce a minor fault on the MoT test form. That said, brake lights are an important safety aspect of your car. I would suggest fixing the faulty brake light. The owner's manual will instruct you on how to do this. Or a local mechanic or automotive shop will do this for a small fee.
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