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Thought I'd bring to your attention the following events that have recently transpired. My PCP contract with VW finance has recently ended on my Polo 1.4S auto and I was informed that a BCA agent would come to inspect condition, send report to VWFS and they would bill me for work to be done prior to auction at BCA Nottingham for their VWFS -VW and Audi sale. I subsequently attended the auction, photographed the car awaiting auction and noted that NO repair work to the body had been carried out and this was confirmed by a BCA official stating that cars were "non prepped" prior to auction. Car sold for well above residual value, and I received a bill 2 weeks later for £666. I suspect this practice is quite common and think motorists should be made aware.

Asked on 5 September 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
If you use your evidence to take out an action using the small claims track of the county court against VWFS for the £666 you were billed, I think you will lose. VWFS may counter that, had the car not sustained the damage it charged you for, it would have made a lot more than the GFV on the contract, or that the car could have gone straight to dealer stock without incurring the costs of it being put through auction. After all, you were given the choice of paying the GFV and keeping the car, then selling it privately, in which case you would have benefited as much as VWFS did at the auction.
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