I'm thinking of getting a new diesel car. Can you suggest a model?

The lease on my Volvo V40 petrol auto is due to end in 6 months time so I need to start thinking about what to replace it with. In the main, I have been impressed with the Volvo except for the fuel economy. Mileage is approx. 15k per year with a round trip of 230 miles once a week. PCH / PCP budget is around £300 per month. I'm tempted to go back to diesel once last time (a Tesla Model 3 is still out of my price range and I don't like any of the electric cars that are within budget), but I'm very aware of the anti diesel brigade. Essentials are automatic gearbox, adjustable driving position and comfort. The seats in the Volvo are excellent.

Asked on 13 January 2021 by Fat_Beagle

Answered by Andrew Brady
Diesels still make a lot of sense for some drivers. We'd say that 15k a year warrants a diesel, particularly if you don't cover many town miles. Take a look at the new Skoda Octavia – it's a very comfortable choice that represents excellent value for money.
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