Would a plug-in hybrid work for me?

I have a Toyota Prius, which is approaching 3 years old and 53,000 miles. In normal circumstances, which I hope we can return to soon, I drive approximately 21,000 miles per annum, including a daily commute of 36 miles each way mainly on single carriageway roads. If we return to normal life, I could drive 63,000 miles in three years. The luggage space of the Prius is just sufficient for my requirements, but I'm considering changing the Prius due to the mileage. It has done well for me, I would be pleased to have another. Are there any other cars I could look at? In addition to fuel consumption, would a Plug-In Hybrid have any other benefits and would it be worth investigating?

Asked on 13 January 2021 by Richard Burton

Answered by Andrew Brady
I don't think a plug-in hybrid will be particularly efficient for your requirements. They're best suited to short urban journeys under electric power. That said, if you can charge at home and work, it might make sense. The Volkswagen Golf GTE, for example, can officially cover 32 miles from a charge.

Otherwise, a straight-forward hybrid could work. We'd recommend the Toyota Corolla. It's available as a Touring Sports estate which'll be more practical than your Prius. Don't dismiss diesels, either. They might be out of fashion, but they make a lot of sense for 21k miles a year.
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