I can't decide which hybrid to buy. Can you help?

I'm interested in buying a new saloon but with the changing circumstances, I would like to get a hybrid. I'm considering several choices, which include:

1. BMW 330e
2. Skoda Superb hybrid
3. VW Passat GTE
4. Lexus ES300h

Which would be the best out of these or should I consider something else?

Asked on 4 January 2021 by Alec Cole

Answered by Andrew Brady
First of all, you can narrow down your search by deciding if a plug-in hybrid suits your needs well, or if a conventional 'self-charging' hybrid would be a better option. If you can charge a car at home (i.e. have off-road parking with access to electricity) and most of your journeys are local, a plug-in hybrid sounds like a good option. In which case, your shortlist is pretty strong. We'd recommend the Skoda Superb as it's an extremely comfortable choice that represents excellent value for money, but the BMW 330e is more enjoyable to drive. If you're not in a position to charge a car at home, go for the Lexus ES 300h.
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