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Could an electric car manage a 160-mile roundtrip without stopping to charge?

I'm a volunteer driver taking people for treatment. The total round trip is 160 miles, but there's no changing point at this hospital. Is it possible to get an EV that will do this trip in the Scottish winter for about £15,000? It'll have to be a used car, but I'm not fussy.

Asked on 11 January 2021 by Framey

Answered by Andrew Brady
I think you'll struggle to find an electric car capable of that distance on a charge with a £15k budget. You could consider a plug-in hybrid – something like a Hyundai Ioniq PHEV will be able to cover local journeys under electric power, while having the back up of a petrol engine for your longer journeys. If most of your journeys are 160 miles, don't dismiss diesels – they'll be very efficient and make a lot of sense for this kind of mileage.
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