My car door keeps freezing shut. Any advice?

In the recent wintry weather, my driver's door has been freezing and refusing to open. The passenger door will open, but I am getting a bit old for car gymnastics now! It's a Kia Ceed if that makes any difference. Any advice, please? Thank you.

Asked on 7 January 2021 by David Prothero

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Other than maybe getting a car cover, I would take a look at the door seals to make sure there's no gap or tears where water could be getting in and freezing. If you don't spot any issues, give the door seal a clean with warm water and then dry it off. It might also be worth buying and applying an oil or lubricant safe for rubber. Basically, you want to prevent water from getting into edges of the door and freezing shut.
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