Last days of discount?

I know now is not a good time to buy a Japanese car (due to the Exchange Rate) and Honda dealers claim they can't discount the Jazz by more than £500, but do you think this is a good deal? New Jazz 1.4 ES metallic manual List Price £12,232. P/Ex Jazz 1.4 SE Metallic & Sunroof March 2005, 36,000 miles. Balance to pay £6,000.
When I can get £4,500 discount on a Ford Focus 1.6 (for example) it pains me to pay a high price for a Jap, but after hard negotiation this feels all right to me.

Asked on 27 June 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
The Focus discount is off a wholly artificial 'list price'. The Jazz list
price is more realistic in the first place. Normal p/x for an 05 is £4,875, so your deal is £1,357 better than that. Very soon Honda will be re-starting production at Swindon and will be building the Jazz in the UK.
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