My car's road tax is £500+ per year. Is that correct?

I have a 2011 Jaguar XK convertible. The road tax is in excess of £500 a year. Is that correct given the age of the car? I thought the tax decreased after a number of years. Thank you.

Asked on 8 December 2020 by John

Answered by Keith Moody
VED exemption for historic vehicles comes in to play when a car is 40 years old. Your car falls under the emissions-based system - basically, the more carbon dioxide it emits the more tax you pay. I think your model emits 246g/km of CO2 which puts it in the second to highest tax band costing you £565 a year. Do you use it all year round? Six months' VED is £310.
There's a full break down on the Government site:
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