Is there a five-seater (minimum), petrol SUV that fits my needs?

I'm looking to replace my 2005 Nissan X-Trail for a modern version of this type of vehicle, but have been unsuccessful. My criteria are petrol, capable of handling rough terrain and slippery surfaces, comfortable for long journeys, five seats minimum and decent boot space. All of the cars I have looked at are good for one or the other, but not all. My budget goes up to £25,000. Any ideas?

Asked on 3 December 2020 by Don Brame

Answered by Andrew Brady
We'd recommend a Skoda Kodiaq. It's a very practical choice, available with four-wheel drive and a petrol engine. Your budget will get a mid-spec SE L model from 2018 with the 1.4- or 2.0-litre petrol engine. A Honda CR-V could be a good choice, too.
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