Can you recommend some all-weather tyres?

I have 2018 Volvo XC60, which was fitted with Michelin Latitude Sport 3, 235/55 R19. They will soon be coming up for replacement. What do you recommend? In the past, on a V70 and my previous XC60, I had Pirelli P Zeros - which were excellent (nothing wrong with the Michelins). Or do I try an all-weather tyre? In a normal year, I do around 9000 miles. Thank you for your help.

Asked on 30 November 2020 by rogerrabbit

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Both the tyres you mention are great options, and I personally think (when it comes to the expense of new tyres) it's better to stick with a tyre you know you like than to change and get something you potentially don't like. The Michelin Latitude are specifically aimed at SUV/4x4 use, while the Pirelli are Ultra High Performance - so you can decide which one would suit your needs better based on your driving. The same goes for whether you need all-season tyres. All-season tyres can be expensive, so if you live on a hill or down a steep driveway, regularly see snow and/or ice where you live, find summer tyres don't give you the grip you want in winter months etc - then I'd advise all-season tyres. Or you may find mud + snow tyres are a good enough choice. I'd recommend Michel CrossClimate+, Continental AllSeasonContact or Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 if you do want to venture into all-season tyre territory.

Here are the links to said tyres:

Michelin CrossClimate+:

Continental AllSeasonContact:

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2:
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