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Is the new Toyota Camry selling well?

Could you please tell me if the new Toyota Camry is selling well in the UK? I know they have only bought a limited number into the UK, but I haven’t actually seen one on the open road. I have had a test drive and I like the car, but am a bit concerned about buying a lemon with a useless resale value in the future when I want to change it. Many thanks.

Asked on 27 November 2020 by Gary Taylor

Answered by Andrew Brady
The Camry doesn't sell in the same numbers as a Prius or Corolla in the UK, but that's true of its competitors, too – the Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 508 and Mazda 6 all sell in pretty small numbers. That's because buyers are flocking towards SUVs instead, but the Camry still has a bit of a following with people looking for a reliable car that's cheap to run (taxi drivers are particularly keen on them). Experts predict it'll be worth around 45 per cent of its original value after three years. That's competitive with rivals.
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