I slightly damaged a car and offered to pay for repairs. How long does the driver have to take my offer up?

My vehicle was parked but the handbrake wasn't on properly. It rolled back into a parked car causing a very minor damage. You could see where it had bumped and bent it, which grazed the paint on the bumper in a very small area. I spoke to the owner and said if they took it to a garage, I would pay for the bumper part and labour to have it replaced. That was 2 months ago. How long should my offer stand? Surely not indefinitely. Should I just make a cash payment irrespective of when/if they take it to the garage? How much? Or should I give them a deadline to get the work done? Thanks.

Asked on 25 November 2020 by Mark

Answered by Honest John
You should make your insurer aware. The statute of limitations in England is 6 years for the other party to make a claim. I would put something in writing on a without prejudice basis as full and final settlement to them. I would ask them to get an estimate then pay that amount.
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