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Can I legally manufacture some unobtainable spare parts for my classic?

My question is relevant to an old Honda classic motorcycle i have (1960's), which is missing a few parts that are now unobtainable from Honda. Could I make or source one or two pattern parts to fit my classic Honda or would I be stepping on Honda's toes - especially if I offered parts for sale to recoup some of my costs? Would I be infringing Honda's copyright/patent even though I would be prolonging the use of the bike? Thank you in anticipation.

Asked on 27 November 2020 by Martin Johnson

Answered by Keith Moody
There are plenty of classic specialists who have created their own blueprints and then had parts manufactured. Sometimes, it's quite a hand in glove affair (such as British Motor Heritage, which produces 'new' MGB bodyshells), while other times it's very much one man and his shed operation. One thing that's definitely worth looking at is 3D printing, which allows you to run off an item as when you need it - rather than order a whole batch. I know a lot of Alfa specialists swear by it as parts for those cars have become incredibly hard to fine.
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