My Volkswagen Passat 1.5-litre Evo TSI judders when it goes under 20mph. Can this be fixed?

I have a 2019 Volkswagen Passat Estate 1.5-litre Evo TSI, which often judders when it goes under 20mph. The diagnostic does not fix it and Volkswagen says its a characteristic of the vehicle. Do you know if this can be fixed, please?

Asked on 26 November 2020 by Yvonne Cockerton

Answered by Georgia Petrie
This is an issue we've received multiple complaints about. In mid-October, Volkswagen told us: "As far as we are aware the software update has been a success and no further measures are planned. We are unaware of any current cases relating to the 1.5-litre TSI engine." So, the software update has fixed the issue, according to Volkswagen.

There's been no further news relayed to us since then, though we still get complaints about this engine, mostly in regards to used models rather than new models. We first reported complaints from our readers in regards to the 1.5-litre engines in Volkswagen Group (VW, Skoda, SEAT and Audi) models in January 2019. Our most recent article (from July 2020) on the issue is here:

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