My Volkswagen T-Roc bunnyhops and VW refused rejection. What now?

I've been fobbed off by Volkswagen saying my new car had a software fault, then apparently it's a characteristic of the vehicle. VW refused rejection after having my car for three weeks without a fix. My local Volkswagen dealer had a T-Roc manual we could try, but as soon as we pulled off the forecourt, it bunny-hopped. We asked about an auto to try and this didn't bunny-hop at all. We asked if it was possible to have an auto in place of mine and they said yes. I contacted customer care about the bunny-hopping and they agreed with the salesperson that it's a characteristic of the car. They had not heard that VW has had rejections so I sent them a link to the Honest John article and I have not heard from them since. All conversations about faults were in their office (verbally, not via email). I'd have to wait fourteen weeks for a new automatic car with the same spec to be built, and that would mean another three grand knocked off mine (manual) so we declined the offer and walked out. It was coming to the end of the six month period at the time with 1600 miles on the clock.

Asked on 29 September 2020 by Lawrence Cornaby

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Thank you for the information, we're actively looking into this situation. We'll forward your details to Volkswagen UK, too.
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