Can I reject my Volkswagen T-Roc 1.5 for the software issues that make it stutter?

I bought a new Volkswagen T-Roc 1.5 with a manual gearbox in March 2020. I complained about the kangarooing issue just after I bought it for the full amount in cash. I returned the car months later due to dealership being closed due to coronavirus, but they say they can find nothing wrong with it. The problem still exists, mainly when starting it when cold or if car has stood for a few hours. How am I fixed for a refund or repair? I like the car but do not like the car playing up when first pulling away.

Asked on 28 July 2020 by Lawrence Cornaby

Answered by Georgia Petrie
If you're unhappy, I would reject the vehicle while you can. You only retain the right to reject the car if there is something fundamentally wrong with it. But you can reject it within six months of the date of purchase. This includes faults that were present - or developing - when you bought the car, or it was received in a condition that does not match what you were told.
I would suggest rejecting it if you can while you still can because we've had reports of ongoing issues with this engine despite Volkswagen saying they have no further plans to update software. You rights can be found here:
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